Why do we need Digital marketing? | TechEra
Why do we need Digital marketing?
4th April 2021 By TechEra

Digital marketing is a trending technology these days but not everyone is aware of its importance. Digital marketing refers to marketing your brand or product on online platforms like over the internet like websites, emails, social media platforms etc. and on other digital forms of communication. The advancement of digital technology has drastically changed the way how businesses work these days. Businesses are using this technology to optimize their marketing campaigns, brand awareness and also to drive customers. 82% of population in the world uses their phone to search a product before buying it to get details of that product or read reviews before making the decision to buy it. 

Digital marketing has an edge over the traditional marketing as it allows advertising or marketing the product only to selected or targeted audience which are most likely to buy or may be interested in the product. There are various methods through which digital marketing can be done, which are -

  • Social media marketing - using social media platforms to advertise a product or service.
  • Email marketing - using branded emails to promote products and services.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - increasing the quantity and quality of your website traffic.
  • Inbound marketing - engaging your audience with valuable content.
  • Content marketing - creating valuable, relevant and attractive content to gain traffic.
  • Etc.

Digital marketing allows you to promote your brand or service in a more optimized and reliable manner by using different above mentioned methods to your targeted audience.