Why learning machine learning would be beneficial in the post pandemic world. | TechEra
Why learning machine learning would be beneficial in the post pandemic world.
4th April 2021 By TechEra

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence which is the process of mimicking human intelligence into machines to provide a rational and feasible solution to a problem. The systems or machines tend to learn and improve automatically through experience without being explicitly programmed using different computer algorithms. 

Machine learning is one of the skills that are supposed to thrive in the post pandemic era. AI and machine learning has been an indispensible weapon for fighting against corona virus and also the pandemic. From detecting the corona virus to tracking down potential infected patients, machine learning has been on the toes to safe guard us from this disease. The pandemic has forced various businesses for automation and working with a data driven environment. This necessity for automation and data driven environment will open opportunities for people skilled in handling these technologies. The coming era will require people who could use this data to train machine learning algorithms and provide various insights or solutions to the organization which will help them provide a better service or improve their product. Big companies like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google and IBM are already using machine learning to help them in various aspects like content discovery, chatbot, intelligent CRMs, etc.

So if you are looking forward to learn a new skill then machine learning can be a great option as it has its roots stretching up to various industries and it is a skill that has a lot of scope in the post pandemic era.